Saturday, January 26

what gives a cafe its true mojo?

Visited the mojo cafe located on the ground floor of the new Meridian Building on the waterfront this afternoon. I asked whether there was any access to wifi on site and the girl behind the counter didn't know what I was talking about but said she didn't think so. While we might pop down again one day with the laptops and see what available networks there are - it was a bit disappointing to hear its not likely. What a great place to sit and do some work and drink great coffee. In a few months time you'll be able to go there and have lunch at wagamamas too! While it's a great location and they do serve great coffee, having access to the internet would give the cafe true mojo in my opinion.

I'm always surprised to walk into some cafes and not have access - I think those places are really missing out on an opportunity to use wifi as a marketing tool. Early this month it was announced that San Francisco is back on track with its plan to provide free wireless for the entire city. While we are a sister city to San Francisco - it would be a big ask to follow in her footsteps on that scale right now. However, my immediate wish would be a *free* wireless network in Wellington amongst all the amazing cafes in the CBD. In the spirit of being an ICT hub, and some would argue "coffee culture capital of the world" - surely it would be in the interests of WCC and local businesses to get behind and sponsor that sort of project?

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Mike said...

FreeTheNet Aotearoa :)