Saturday, January 26

homebrewing with gman

during the week I spent of couple of hours helping gman bottle another of his brews. Czech Pilsner this time with a very successful drinkable Indian Pale Ale already under his belt, a watery and kind of tasteless lager and a gooey meaty stout. He wont appreciate my uneducated descriptions of his attempts so far but the IPA held such promise, its definitely worth encouraging and consequently participating in the brewing process. I now know that Nelson grown hops are the only way to go and sterilisation of the equipment is one of the most important things. While I haven't graduated to capping the bottles yet - foster says its important to be able to assess the right amount of pressure to apply - whatever ;) - I have been allowed to add the sugar and fill them. It's a load of fun - just need to figure out a name and make some labels!


follower said...

Ha! It just struck me--"Foster's"... :-)


Glynn Foster said...

Just for the record, the lager matured into a clean, crisp and refreshing beer. The stout is meaty, but harden up Wallis.