Thursday, January 17

no luck with the fishing

After obtaining a freshwater license while on holiday down south, we fished the Clutha, the Dunstan, the Taieri and Conroy's Dam in Alexandra - but unfortunately we caught no fish. We bought a spinning rod though to add to our never-ending collection of fishing equipment. Unfortunately the boat at Ball Creek had blown a valve and so Glynn's dreams of a bluecod a minute with Robyn out at the local reef were also blown. A highlight was surfcasting with a balloon off the rocks just down from the crib. We waited for an off-shore breeze and then tied a balloon to a running rig at the top of our trace and hoped it would blow out the line to a good spot. It seemed to attract the attention of two large seals, however, but didn't prove as attractive to the fish. Despite the balloon blowing our line a good distance off-shore we had no nibbles and the constant problem of kissing our gear good-bye because of seaweed and kelp on reeling in. Anyway, we never gave up and are hopeful a trip up to Castlepoint reef this weekend might break the drought.

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