Tuesday, January 22

counting down to kiwifoo

Glynn and I have booked our tickets and looking forward to our trip up to Walkworth for Kiwifoo aka BaaCamp on 1 February. Last year I had no idea what an "unconference" or "barcamp" was all about. Essentially, invitees get to set the agenda when they arrive by filling empty timeslots across the venue with topics they would like to share and discuss. You attend topics you are interested in and everyone gets the chance to participate.

Last year was the first Kiwifoo ever held in the southern hemisphere and the buzz was amazing. A bunch of people all with an interest in the global development of technology, particularly web-based technology, discussing how New Zealand was part of that phenomenon. My favourite session last year was one with David Cunliffe where leaders in the technology industry got to talk frankly about the *real* issues for New Zealand and the ICT industry. I also enjoyed meeting Rachel Cunliffe (no relation) from Throng fame, and other women doing amazing things in the technology field. It allowed me to better define what it was I was trying to achieve myself, and was surrounded by a bunch of people who just "got it", which was really encouraging and inspiring. I can't wait to spend time with fellow foo-goers again in a couple of weeks time.

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