Sunday, July 30

empty pizza boxes

Most of the tenants came out of the woodwork last Tuesday for the in-house incubator lunch. Organised by the incubator its a great networking opportunity and spent some time talking with others about my project and what they have been up to. It was a good chance to learn from others that have already been where I'm currently at...and everyone was really helpful and encouraging. Looking forward to the next pizza lunch already.

snowboarding at mt cheeseman

My first day on a board was spent falling over, so was glad of Glynn's wrist guards and would recommend them to anyone starting out on a board - as well as a skier to cling to on the tbar! Mt cheeseman is a club field and was just great. Much quieter compared to the big commercial fields, and some good lunch food at a reasonable price. All the main runs were well groomed and there was so much powder which was great for all those soft landings. A fun time was had and only an hour and 30mins away from Christchurch! Looking forward to another weekend away soon.

Wednesday, July 5

fun in the snow

One of the best spin offs from living in a cold climate is the snow. As well as being close to great skiing and boarding conditions, playing with the nieces in the snow will be one of the highlights for me this winter. Mia and Lily made this snowman, with some help from Aunty Jayne and artistic guidance from Glynn. Lucky for some they have already clicked six days off their chill pass, and the pictures of the weekends away look stunning. Looking forward to my turn so I can learn how to board.

a trip to wellington

Just returned from time up in Wellington. Travelled up to undertake some contracting work to support my personal cause of maintaining a life while I work on my web project. Good to be up with family and friends again, and to focus on the familiar world of the public sector. They say you can't beat Wellington on a good day, and after the snow we've had in Christchurch lately, it was lovely to see the sun and make the most of it with a drive around the coast. See pictures below of Seatoun Beach in Wellington and a Sunday roast with the Hay Street crew.