Tuesday, August 1

tax free

There's not much in this world that's free, but if you are a new business starting out then I've discovered that the Inland Revenue Department offer a great business tax advisory service and its free! It's obvious that the IRD want to make sure that the right amounts of income tax are paid to them, and goods and services tax (GST) is properly applied, so it's in their interests to help new business owners get it right. Last week I was paid a house call by one of the inland revenue advisers and was really impressed with the service. While I already have an accountant, I would recommend it to anyone starting out. The Inland Revenue website www.ird.govt.nz is also full of useful tools and guidance for managing accounting systems and tax obligations, all helping to take the headache out of tax time.


Glynn Foster said...

don't forget the free hug you got too!

patrick said...

What? The IRD person gave you a hug? That seems distinctly off to me!

And..as for the scone recipe. 350ml can? More like 330? Surely we have to adjust everything now ;)

Ok.. I'm a troublemaker.. but that's ok right?