Sunday, August 20

five peas in a pod

For the past 8 months I've been working down in Christchurch (for some of that time at the Canterbury Innovation Incubator) on a web concept called lifebox. But as all new business owners will tell you, there are risks that come with a startup and its always good and just makes sense to have a backstop or alternate income source to allow you to carry on with your project.

So over the past couple of months I've been setting up another company trading under the name Five Peas in a Pod. So far I've been providing training services in Wellington through Change Training a large public sector training company, and searching for small amounts of consulting work with other government departments and wider state sector agencies. It's really good to be able to use the knowledge I gained from my time in the public sector and at Parliament to now help train others about Government, policy and legislation processes.

Five Peas in a Pod represents me and four of my friends - we all started work around the same time in the Select Committee Office back in the late 1990s working for the Office of the Clerk - and also stands for five subject consulting areas namely Parliament, Policy, Politics, Processes and Procedure.

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