Monday, February 11

pavlova western

Last time my brother asked me to help him shoot a movie I was given $100 and asked to cater for the weekend on location at his flat. On the way to the shoot Mike called and asked me to bring my hair dryer and make up. On arrival I was instantly promoted to the position of hair and makeup artist and second assistant director. That was a long time ago and thankfully this time they have a slightly larger crew. Last year Glynn and I made a promise to my brother Mike and his fiancée Inge that we would cater their movie. Consequently we are off to Central Otago at the end of the week to film a western. You can follow the exploits of independent film-making at its best on the pavlova western blog that has just been set up - see

Glynn and I will also be working while down there, in between peeling potatoes and making muffins. While we both have an ability to work from anywhere - we will be putting that concept to the ultimate test by heading into rural New Zealand. Today Glynn and the production manager will be checking out whether Telecom New Zealand can deliver the goods and ultimately the bandwidth for Glynn to be able to communicate with his team in San Francisco, and so I can skype and liaise with Wellington. Fun and games.

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