Wednesday, February 6


Kiwifoo provides a huge opportunity to meet people doing amazing things in technology and other fields - and to share ideas and innovation, and thoughts about the future. All sorts of ideas can come about when you get smart people in a room from different disciplines, firing off each other and kiwifoo feels just like a giant thinktank. Those returning had a keen appreciation of how discussions at foo last year had an ongoing impact on the ICT sector. My observation was that it meant many sessions this year were well focussed on an outcome that meant further action post foo.

Like others have said the conversations sometimes shared in the corridors and over Russell Brown's coffee machine are the gold nuggets of foo. Some highlights for me were a session with thefreenet and others about establishing a free mesh wifi network in Wellington's CBD - mauricio provides a good summary of what's going on with the project. During a break I had a great discussion with Nic Steenhout from Mambo about how a start up like me can go about ensuring usability and accessibility in the development of web platforms. Who knew all these amazing people are working away right here in New Zealand. Lots of fun playing werewolf till all hours and awesome food - Glynn and I took note as we're off soon to cater my brother's movie down south so we listened out for positive comments and there were lots of them.

Nat and Jenine organise a great event, and make everyone feel welcome. Thanks heaps for inviting me and for having Glynn and I around for cockle hunting and kayaking on Monday - great foo related fun.

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