Wednesday, June 25

juggling bits and pieces

Working on a web-based startup fulltime is really only possible if you have a large amount of cash behind you, and even then most investors will want their money poured in to the business idea not your salary - fair enough!

This means though that you have to juggle a bit to find the right balance between earning enough money to pay for weddings and still maintain a caffeine addition, while having good opportunities to focus on your web project.

Just finished preparing a paper I will be presenting at a Lexisnexis conference entitled Turning Policy into Legislation. Looking forward to the opportunity of catching up with ex-work colleagues from the Office of the Clerk and the Parliamentary Counsel Office and meeting other conference attendees.

While I'm juggling things a bit at the moment, I'm lucky to have a flexible income source in the form of a government consulting company fivepeas limited. If there's one thing I've learned - its important to secure an income of some sort to give you as much freedom and time as possible for when you start working on your idea.

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