Tuesday, March 11

please hold caller

I don't know whether it was the dry weather, the dust or just plain bad luck but after three weeks of highlights down south shooting a pavlova western my laptop and phone decided to give up both at the same time. $1000 to fix the laptop which is so not worth doing, and Telecom are mystified about the state of my phone which refuses to turn on but flashes its little red charge light woefully.

So finally, after much avoidance I'm going to join the mac family. Glynn is hopeful we can transfer my Adobe CS3 Flash license over to the mac, and we will be able run windows in parallel. Grateful for webmail and all my online applications which kept me from losing touch.

I'm also using the opportunity to switch to vodafone to get a better phone and call plan and a SIM card. Just charging my new phone at the moment so apologies to anyone who has tried to get hold of me since last week - your calls and messages will be somewhere in the ether. The good news is I can keep my old cell phone number. Hurrah!

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