Sunday, February 18

baa camp madness

Early this year I got the awesome opportunity to attend Kiwi Foo aka Baa Camp in Walkworth. I got to meet some amazing people doing incredible things. Thanks to Nat who organised the 'unconference'. It was so encouraging (and kind of reassuring) for me to meet others working in the same web 2.0 space.

Web 2.0 is characterised by emerging internet technologies and business models that don't fit with the more traditional investment opportunity. Web 2.0 is really just a fancy way of describing the next generation of internet services that are focussed on the user having more control over their own content and choice of platform. The best of these internet platforms balance the desire for users to have control, with the need to provide a structured interactive and user-friendly environment to store, manipulate and easily share information with others online. Kathy Sierra, as always, explains the user control v organised structure balance well.

The more practical the applications are to the user experience, the more mainstream web 2.0 services are becoming, till they form part of everyday life - who hasn't now heard of YouTube?

While many web 2.0 internet companies are focussing on innovative niche opportunities, there are many others that are trying to use web 2.0 technologies to develop new online services to compete with current desktop software products. Xero is a prime example of how an online business product can be pitched against a traditional desktop software product - MYOB.

From these internet platforms we will manage our finances, our communications, and our personal information and storage needs. Many "mashup" services are out there piecing it altogether for users already but there are tonnes of opportunities for webdesigners and developers to create new and interesting online applications (especially using open source technology) harnessing all the benefits of the internet. Check out this funky demo of what the current state of web 2.0 means to Michael Wesch, Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Kansas State University.

It is such an exciting time to be involved in the web space and you could feel the energy at kiwi foo. I really hope I have the opportunity to go again next year to experience some more baa camp madness.

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