Sunday, February 24

making a western - yee-hah!

What a great team Mike and Inge have assembled for this movie. Everyone is passionate about film-making and each their craft, be it sound, makeup, photography or our awesome Assistant Director Rebecca Rowe. Glynn and I on the other hand have lost our own appetite for food and catering. Our ability to judge amounts has become more sporadic as the numbers joining the crew fluctuate, tonight running out of potatoes being a good example. We get hugs from the crew though so we must be doing something right.

Just spent the week in Tekapo which had some awesome locations for cowboys and was such a lovely wee town, reminding me of Wanaka when I was a little kid. Kind of untouched and still serviced by a small Four Square supermarket. Everyone knows everyone and most of the locals double-up roles in the town - like Stuie Inch who pulled up in a scooter one day to tell me he was the postman for the town and had a package delivery for us up at the Post Office, and then the next day appeared across the fence to return a saddle in his role as manager of the sale yards next door to our holiday home.

We've settled in our Cromwell digs and are here to stay for the next 15 days. We now have an internet connection at the house which is just making a huge difference to the amount of work Glynn and I can get done in between catering... and to the amount of posts that can be put up on the mifilms blog. Important as we now have a loyal band of followers pestering us for updates.

There have been so many highlights and its only been a week - the team dynamic, the weather, the fact that Dad has come up and been such a great help, particularly for Glynn and I. The community spirit of Jenny and Peter Rayne who let us literally camp at their at their B & B in Tekapo during the day and work online using their wifi - and made the crew muffins!! The farmers who have been so generous with access to their land and to the stunt cowboys who came 4 days running with their horses and saddles. And tonight seeing a first rough cut of the film - amazing to see the hard work and attention to detail coming to life. Everyone is stoked.

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